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In-App Event Streams

VBIC Science Lectures

Program in Quantum Mechanics 

A Boolean value that indicates automatic unlock of VBIC HLS Events with broadcasts of lectures concerning "Programming in Quantum Mechanics", updated monthly.


Subscriber with access to VBIC In-App Events receive the opportunity to play VBIC HLS lectures broadcasted as VBIC In-App Events, in this case lectures how to "Program in Quantum Mechanics".


Program in Quantum Mechanics lectures broadcast update twice/month  in tandem with broadcasts for VBIC Science Advisory - Innovation Watcher.


A Doctoral/PhD level subscription is required.  


 A $9.99 one-time charge.  


Innovation Watcher


A Boolean value that indicates automatic unlock of VBIC HLS Events broadcasting VBIC Science Advisor - Paper/Patent/Publication Watcher.


The VBIC Science Advisor - Paper/Patent/Publication Watcher is a HTTP Live Stream broadcast that updates twice per months in tandem with broadcasts for Lectures, e.g. lectures for " Program in Quantum Mechanics".

In-depth reports of national/international Paper/Patent/Publication their analysis, paradigm changing trends, publication author interviews, research industry outreach, andVBIC Science Editorial curated content. An exclusive Doctoral/PhD Subscriber livestream, thus, a Doctoral/PhD Subscription, either monthly or annual, is required.

 A $1.99 one-time charge.  


You missed a Live Stream?

The VBIC App is a monthly HLS  auto-renewable subscription purchased on the Apple App Store.  VBIC created content are HLS broadcasts, subject of VBIC editorial feature updates streamed via Apple HTTP Live Stream broadcasts in multiple channel screens of the App.


This In-App purchase may allow subscription user  to access previously live broadcasts for subscriber of such previous subscription as live broadcast re-stream, as In-App purchase within the app. 


This does include periodic re-stream of previously HLS live streamed content. 


This In-App purchase is a Boolean value that indicates whether re-stream is enabled or disabled (default).

 A $1.99 one-time charge.  

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